Tuesday, May 4, 2010


...my heart is breaking for my little sister. My brother-in-law left this morning for a 6 month deployment in Iraq. I just cried with her on the phone, wishing I could be there with her, to hold her and make her feel less alone.

Lord, please wrap Your loving arms around my sister.
Give her the strength and courage to get through
this difficult time.
Help me to be there for her, to give her the love
and support she needs.
Please protect my brother-in-law as he serves our country.
Fill him with Your love and strength.


Amanda said...

Thank you...I love you so much!

Angie said...

That is so sad, but yay for him serving our country. I would be soooo upset if I were her. May God keep him safe.

Catpad said...

i hope evrything works fine with your brother-in-law =)