Wednesday, March 9, 2011

She'll never know her real name...

...alternately titled, "What did we actually put on her birth certificate?" Honestly, she may be 10 before she knows her name is Audrey because we call her:

cheetah baby
punkin face
sweet girl
hunny buns
sweet cheeks
chunky cheeks
pee pee nut

And those are just the most common ones! Poor thing is going to be so confused!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Audrey - 2 Months

My sweet girl,

This letter is a day late, but only because your 2 month check-up wasn't until today. Momma's milk is definitely doing your body good and you are now 23 5/8 inches long, tipping the scales at 12 pounds, 7.5 ounces! You have the cutest chunky cheeks and Momma just LOVES kissing them!

The doctor says you're just perfect and I definitely agree. But in addition to your check-up, you also got your first shots. You screamed like nothing I have ever heard and it just about ripped Mommy's heart in two. But after about 30 second of cuddling you fell right to sleep and napped most of the afternoon.

This month has been so much more fun than your first month of life. You're smiling and cooing all the time now. And I mean not just the random smile here and there. You are such a silly, happy baby! That cute grin melts my heart every single time. Now that you're big enough not to use the newborn sling on your little tub and you can sit right in the water, you love bath time. You kick your feet and smile and talk to Mommy and Daddy the whole time.

You're also stronger and more observant. You love it when Mommy or Daddy walk around the house with you so you can look around at the world. Diaper changes are much more pleasant now that your diaper rash is gone too. Mommy was right - it was yeast and it started to clear up as soon as we started the prescription cream.

We spent lots more time at Grammy and Grampy's house and you even got to spend a few days with Auntie Amanda since she was up for a visit. Auntie is pregnant with your cousin and she didn't put you down for 3 days straight. She loves you so much pumpkin and she is going to be such a great mommy too.

There are lots of big changes on the horizon for our little family sweet pea. Mommy goes back to work tomorrow and she is so so sad to leave you. You'll be with Daddy so I know you'll be fine. And Mommy will be pumping milk for you at work, but I'm going to miss you like crazy. I'm also afraid that you'll give Daddy a hard time with the bottle or that you won't nurse as well anymore.

I know it's not forever though. Mommy just has to put on her brave face and make it through this month. There are even bigger changes on the horizon for us my sweet sweet girl. Without saying too much just yet, opportunity knocked and Mommy and Daddy opened the door nice and wide!

You continue to fill our hearts with love, joy and pride hunny, as I know you will for many years to come!

I love you so very much,