Tuesday, December 14, 2010

37 weeks

Well, since I've been so bad at documenting my pregnancy here on my blog and I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, it's probably time for an update!
  • I had a wonderfully beautiful baby shower the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I have some pictures, so I'll save the details for that post...whenever I get around to it.
  • The nursery is just about done and is so so cute! I want to do a separate post with before and after pictures of the room, so I'll save that for another day too.
  • I'm still working(!) and plan to keep working right up until the 31st as long as I don't go into labor before then. I'm definitely ready to be done working, but I want as much time with my little girl as I can get when she arrives.
  • I'm tired all the time and my back is really starting to bother me quite a bit, but other than that I can't really complain. It's just difficult for me to get comfortable and stay comfortable.
  • I just went to the doctor on Monday and baby girl hasn't made any progress yet. I've gained 27 pounds so far and it feels like every ounce is in my belly.
  • Despite how huge I feel, everyone else seems to think I look small.
  • I'm so sick of repeating this a million times a day that I'm ready to tape a sign to my belly that says:
    • I'm due January 5th.
    • Yes, it's my first baby.
    • It's a girl.
    • No, we haven't picked a name yet.
  • I'm extremely anxious and impatient at this point. I just want her to come and I want her to come now!


little miss spy said...

I know all of this and I still can't believe it!

Kacie said...

Ha! When are you due again??? ;). I think it is all in your belly but you look absolutely amazing!

Sonya said...

You should have a shirt made with all that on there! That would be awesome. Those constant questions are so annoying and really overwhelming!