Monday, August 29, 2011

Audrey - 8 months


You are 8 months old now and you are such a beautiful, kind little peanut. This month you (and Momma) experienced your first earthquake, and yesterday, on your 8 month birthday, your first hurricane. Luckily, we didn't have any damage personally, but our town and many towns around us have experienced devastating damage due to flooding. Many years ago, flood chutes were built in our town, and they built them bigger than they ever thought we would need them. Yesterday, the water was about a foot from the top!

You also became a big cousin this month! Your Auntie had her baby boy 4 weeks early, delivered via emergency c-section. We jumped in the car and got to Maryland after he was already born, but we stayed for 11 days to help Auntie and Uncle Ryan, and get to know baby Blake! You were such a good girl the whole time! The first time you saw Mommy holding baby Blake, you spun into a 20 minute jealous rage! But after a little time with him, you were peaking into his bassinet and giving him kisses! Tomorrow we'll drive back down for another week and you seem just as excited as Mommy is.

You are a brave little explorer! You crawl around and pull yourself up on things with such confidence! Momma hopes you are always so confident in yourself and that you never lose that sense of wonder and curiosity. You could be a little less brave though! It breaks Momma's heart when you fall or bump into something and cry your little lungs out.

You understand that objects still exist even if you can't see them now. You wave and clap your hands. And you love to peak your head around corners, turning your head sideways. If someone asks you where Momma or Dadda are, you look right at them. You say "Dada" all the time but we don't think you associate it with him when you're saying it. However, when you say "Mama" you do seem to understand that it is me. This makes me smile even if you are crying for me at the time. We say "baby Blake" to you every time you see your cousin, and you even started to say, "ba ba bwa" back to us.

We discovered that you weren't sleeping well because you were getting both of you top, central incisors at the same time. :( They finally broke through the skin and Mommy has been able to get you to sleep in your crib the whole night for 3 nights in a row. You're still up at least twice during the night, but I can handle that.

You are so used to Mommy's camera now, that you get this huge, fake smile as soon as you hear the camera autofocus. It's hilarious to me! But you are such a cute little model. You are so smiley all the time that your great grandpa said he thinks you have "pudding face" like that pudding commercial!
Click the photo above to see more from this fun photo shoot we had!

You are growing so quickly and Mommy tries to cherish every second and be patient because I know it won't be like this for long. I love you more than you can even imagine my sweet girl. Your smile fills my heart with the purest love and happiness imaginable. You are my everything!

I love you to the moon and back!
Love always,

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