Sunday, July 28, 2013

Audrey - 31 months


The last 2 months have been filled with summer fun and travelling for us. Your new cousin was born and we spent 2 whole weeks in Maryland with Titi, Uncle Ryan, Blake and sweet baby Ellie Jo! You had a blast playing with Blake, but being so close in age, you fought as passionately as you loved each other. You were also such a "mother hen" to Miss Ellie and loved holding her and kissing her.

You went fishing for the first time with Pa and had a great time! You weren't afraid of the worm or the fish you caught, but Mommy's not surprised! You love bugs and animals and getting dirty.

Mommy woke you up to watch your first fireworks on the 4th. You were amazed at about the first 10 that went up, then you were more interested in the fireflies, then you said, "Mommy, can I just go back to bed now?"

You love to sing, make up your own songs and stories, and pretend to play Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. You are obsessed with people's full names, first, middle and last, and you like to recite the full names of everyone you know, along with learning new names.

You have started to develop a little fear of monsters and noises in your bedroom. We have a spray bottle of water that we call "Monster Spray" that seems to work, except for the fact that we now have to spray it at naptime and bedtime every day.

You love to pick vegetables from our garden and you are the best weed picker there is! We don't even have to be at home and you'll stop to pick other people's weeds from their yards or in the street.

We spent some time camping in Lake George, went to the fair, picked raspberries and blueberries and made jam, went to our town's annual beach party, went canoeing, ran around in the sprinkler and have spent lots of time swimming and playing outside.

You grow and change and amaze me every single day. You are the sweetest, most independent, creative, silly, and loving little girl in the world, and I cherish every new moment with you.

I love you to the moon and back, sweetheart!

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