Monday, October 28, 2013

Audrey - 34 months


You are growing leaps and bounds and it is hard to know where to begin! You started school at the beginning of September and adjusted like it was nothing. You love your teachers and your classmates and you are learning so much! After only six days of school you already had the pledge of allegiance memorized! You fell off the jungle gym at school a couple weeks ago and dislocated your elbow. It is the first time you've gotten hurt without me there and you looked so sad when I picked you up. But the next school day you were ready to go back and not afraid at all.

Since starting school, you've basically decided that you don't need to nap anymore. This has been a struggle between us because Mommy knows you still need the sleep. Some nights dinner and bath time is a nightmare because you're just so overtired. But I'm trying not to push the issue because I can't deal with you screaming for an hour every afternoon until I let you out of your room.

Fall is in the air now and we've done lots of playing in the leaves and rolling down the hill! We took a ride up to the top of Mt. Greylock, went apple and pumpkin picking, went to the annual fall foliage parade, went through a corn maze and on a hay ride, even went to a hot air balloon festival.

We just got back from a weekend trip to Titi's house and you had so much fun with your cousins. You miss them so much and I wish you could see them more often. Skype is an amazing gift to us though and I'm grateful we have that at least.

As we approach your 3rd birthday, your defiance grows. You are strong-willed and full of fire and energy. I try to reign that in enough that I teach you to respect others, but not so much that you submit to any and everything others tell you. This is certainly a struggle for me and I hope I do you justice in my parenting. I know that in your teen years and as you approach adulthood, it may be frustrating for me, but that I will be grateful for your desire to forge your own path. I hope to cultivate in you the desire to think and form your own opinions, to respect authority, but to test it when appropriate.

Your love of reading continues to grow. You have 3 different children's bibles and you love to have them read to you. You open a book and tell your own crazy, rambling stories that are so fun to listen to, and you like to sing in conversation instead of talking.

You are a ray of sunshine when you want to be and a force to be reckoned with! Your are smart, thoughtful, clever and full of life! Mommy loves you with all of her heart, and watching you grow makes me incredibly proud.

I love you "big much," my sweet girl!

Love always,

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