Sunday, December 28, 2014

Audrey - 4 years


You're four! Can you believe it?!

You continue to love the outdoors, which makes Mommy & Daddy happy because so do we!

We had a summer full of fun, including a week at the beach with family in South Carolina,

 Aunt Anisa's wedding,

our annual camping trip in Lake George, complete with a visit to the fair of course, 

and a few photo shoots!

In September, you started back at pre-school, and you also started dance class! Instead of two half days like last year, school this year is three full days. You started off fine, but you're not a fan of rest time at all! And in the last month, you've started crying every morning and not wanting to go to school. It breaks my heart! I'm hoping it's a little bit of holiday chaos and a small case of separation anxiety, and that we'll be back to normal in no time because I hate leaving you when you just want your Mommy.

You love dance and anything to do with ballerinas! And you are the cutest little ballerina, if I do say so myself!

With fall came lots of our usual fun, fall activities,

and to add a little variety, we went to Disney World at the end of September!!! We had so much fun at the most magical place on Earth! I will treasure your joy and the memories always.

We we returned from Disney, there were pumpkins and leaves,

and of course, some Halloween fun!

Around Thanksgiving, we spent a lot of time talking about being thankful and we even made a Thankful Tree. It was so much fun for me to see what you were thankful for each day as you added a leaf to our tree.

Winter brought with it lots of holiday, family fun! Playing in the snow, your first school Christmas program, visits with Santa and even a ride on the Polar Express!

And we can't forget your birthday party! Ballerina themed, of course!

You're growing in all aspects, my sweet girl! You're taller, of course, but smarter, too. Your writing continues to improve and you're sounding out any letter combinations that you find. I think reading on your own is not far into our future. Three was an awfully whiny and defiant year for us, but you are starting to communicate your thoughts and feelings more, instead of resorting to that horrific whine voice.

You're very caring and maternal, and love playing doctor and Mommy. Arts & crafts, reading and playing outside still remain some of your favorite things. But board games, homemade play dough and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also rank high up on the list now.

You continue to surprise me at every turn and definitely keep me on my toes! But your smile lights up my world and I thank God every day for choosing me to be your Mom.

Happy 4th birthday, sweetheart!

Love always,

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