Monday, August 17, 2009

Grilled Pizza!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember that last week I mentioned that we were going to try to make pizza on the grill for dinner. I promised pictures of the whole process, but once it started, it went so quickly that it didn't seem possible! It was also pretty messy and I wasn't about to pick up my camera with olive oil all over my hands!

Anyway, I did get a picture of the final product!

Looks delicious, right?! TRUST ME, IT WAS!

It was super easy and super quick too! Heat your grill on high, then turn it down to medium low before you put the dough on. Stretch out your pizza dough (I bought a pound of fresh pizza dough at the deli in my supermarket) and put some olive oil on both sides. Be careful not to put too much on - when I flipped my first one onto the grill, the extra olive oil caused a flare up and completely charred one side on my pizza. (Luckily I had more dough!)

Anyway, put your dough right on the grill and close the lid. Keep your eye on it because it only takes a few minutes. When one side looks cooked, pop the air bubbles and flip the dough over. Have your toppings ready to go on the side of your grill and assemble them on the cooked side of the dough.

Close the lid to let the other side cook and your cheese melt. And voila! Grilled Pizza!

You can put whatever toppings on that you like. You can see in the photo that my hubby likes a lot of toppings, but I just put slices of fresh mozzarella, slices of tomatoes (that I grew!) and some fresh basil (that I also grew!) on mine. We both agreed that it was by far the best pizza we had ever had! And we'll definitely be making it a lot more often!

Happy grilling! :)


Sonya said...

mmmmm!!! Looks delicious!!

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Shana said...

Yummy!! That looks great!

GodseySix said...

Wow! What a neat idea. I'll have to try that sometime. I love all your recipes! (Except maybe the grilled PB & J) :)