Monday, October 12, 2009

Crisp cool air...

...the smell of chimney smoke, and the vibrant, stunning views...there's no place like the Berkshires in the fall!

OK, so I didn't post these on Saturday like I promised. But better late than never right?! I even decided that there were too many to post the rest today, so I split them up and there will be more tomorrow! (Yes, there definitely will! I scheduled it already!)

If you missed my last post, my hubby and I were at my parents' house last weekend. We took a nice hike, visited with family, and enjoyed the most beautiful, New England autumn views I've seen in years!

I took these photos just wandering around at my parents' house, which just might possibly be the most relaxing place on Earth for me.

The worst part of going home is always that we have to leave. But the drive back is stunningly beautiful as well, so come back tomorrow to see the photos I took from the car while my hubby was driving!

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Sonya said...

I love fall. all the colors and the leaves changing! love it!!