Friday, January 28, 2011

Audrey - 1 Month


I can't believe that you are one month old already. Since you were born, it feels as though we have entered some kind of time warp and the days go by much too quickly! I can already feel the end of my maternity leave creeping up on me and I'm dreading leaving you, but I'm trying to enjoy you while I can and soak everything in!

You are already growing like a weed! Your one month check-up isn't until Monday, but I know you've gained weight because I had to pack away all of your newborn clothes. Some things you wore only once!

You hate having your diaper changed and you especially hate the bath tub. Daddy and I resorted to taking you right in the shower with us and you don't cry at all. We think you like the warm water constantly running over you.
Every day you become more and more alert. You're looking around, cooing and even smiling. Your favorite thing to look at seems to be ceiling fans, whether they are on or not. You hate the swing, but LOVE your bouncy seat! If Mommy or Daddy could bounce you on the ball or in that seat 24/7, you would be the happiest baby ever.

You have been nursing great and have had your days and nights all figured out for the most part since you were born which Mommy and Daddy are extremely grateful for! You, of course, have your exceptions, but you sleep 3 hour stretches and will go right back down after you are changed and fed.

You had your first of many road trips to Grammy and Grampy's last week and did so great! You slept the whole car ride both ways! You got to meet lots of your crazy family and friends and they spoiled you with lots of love and cuddling.
Speaking of cuddling, YOU'RE A PRO! Momma loves this because she's a cuddler too. :) You're not fond of the infant cradle hold, and would much rather be upright and snuggled into someone's chest.

You look so much like your Momma did when she was a baby, but there are times when I look at you and definitely see your Daddy. No matter who you look like, you are absolutely beautiful and precious, and we could spend all day looking at you and taking pictures of you.

You have changed our lives already and our hearts are just bursting with love and pride. We're looking forward to everything this next month will bring and love you so much sweet girl!



Mrs. Cline said...

She is just beautiful! Some wonderful shots here too!

Sonya said...

she is adorable Sara! I loves all the pictures. :) I was wondering when you were going to post some!!!