Friday, April 1, 2011

Audrey - 3 Months


You turned 3 months old on Monday and I'm just getting around to writing your letter now. It has been one crazy month for all of us, and I'm amazed at how well you have transitioned!
At the beginning of the month, Mommy went back to work and it was definitely harder on me than you. You stayed home with Daddy and took the bottle like the perfect little angel that you are. I still nursed you at night and in the  morning before work, and we never had any problems going back and forth between bottle and nipple. Mommy wasn't fond of pumping at work, but I'd do anything for my sweet baby girl.
Speaking of nursing, this month you started putting your hand behind your head with your little elbow sticking out like you are maxin' and relaxin' while you're nursing. Mommy thinks its the cutest thing on God's green earth! And Mommy's milk is definitely doing your body good because all your 0-3 month clothes are getting too small. 6 month clothes are still a little big, but at least you're not all scrunched up in them!
Not only did you give us the easiest time with nursing and the bottle, but you're now sleeping a 7-8 hour stretch when we put you down to sleep at night. Usually we put you down about 10pm and you'll sleep until 5 or 6am. Mommy will change you and nurse you and you go right back to sleep until around 9am! Mommy is very, very grateful for all the uninterrupted sleep!
All that sleep and milk are making so strong and you can sit up in your Bumbo without any help! You are also starting to like tummy time more and we see a difference every single day.

The faces you make are so stinking cute Mommy and Daddy can't even stand it. We smile at you and laugh with you every single day!
We also survived the whole month with only one car because Grammy and Grampy brought Mommy's car back to their house to get the power steering lines fixed. You and Daddy drove Mommy to work every day, and you loved that Mommy sat in the backseat with you. It was selfish really - Mommy wanted to spend as much time as possible with you seeing that she had to spend all day at work. But it was on our morning drives to work that we discovered you LOVE  Taio Cruz's song Dynamite. You smile like crazy and love when Momma sings it to you.
While Mommy was at work, you and Daddy were packing up our whole life. The day Mommy went back to work, she gave her notice. Being the nice person that she is, she gave 4 whole work weeks worth of notice. She worked until the 27th and we drove away from our old apartment on the 28th. Crazy, I know! Luckily, Grammy and Grampy helped us take all of our stuff back to their house in a few trips so that on that last day we just had to pack a few things up in the car, clean the apartment and leave.

And now we're at Grammy and Grampy's house for a little while. Daddy starts his new job on Wednesday and Mommy gets to be a stay-at-home mommy! With everything happening so quickly, its nice that Grammy and Grampy are letting us stay with them while we look for just the right place for our little family. Mommy is so excited to be close to our family again, and for the opportunity Daddy has at this new job!
But like I said, you've handled the transition like we didn't change a thing! The last few days while Mommy and Daddy were unpacked and settling in, you slept in your swing or smiled at us happy as a cute little clam! Today you even had a big milestone, but we'll save that for next month's letter since Mommy is so late writing this one!
We love you so much our smiley little peanut!

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Tricia Nugen said...

Congratulations Sara! That's great! She's so beautiful! Enjoy every moment ~ Life is Precious!