Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter One-derland!

We had a Winter One-derland party to celebrate Audrey's 1st Birthday and I was really happy with the way everything turned out! We had a fairly small family party for her, but if you know me, you know the details were still important to me!

 The invitations I made. 
(With my address, phone number and email blurred out for internet purposes.)
Snowflake sugar cookies I made and decorated for favors.
 Cupcakes with homemade pink buttercream and royal icing snowflakes.
 Audrey's snowflake smash cake.
 Snowflake decorated highchair
 Paper snowflakes hanging from the ceiling
 and the light fixtures.
 Photo collage on display with the cupcakes, smash cake and cookies.
 Pulling bows off the presents before the party even starts.
There are little silver snowflakes on her dress too!

 Audrey's new princess car from Mommy & Daddy!

 Cake time!
 Testing it out.
 Feeling it in her fingers.

Audrey mostly got money for her education fund as gifts, which I was happy about because she got so many toys for Christmas. I'm worried about making her birthday special for her, being so close to Christmas, as she gets older though.

Do any of you have a birthday or a child's birthday close to Christmas? What did your parents and do you do to make the birthday special? I'll take any suggestions! I've heard that some people celebrate their half birthday in the summer instead. I like that idea, but I would feel like I needed to do something on her real birthday too. What do you think?


Sonya said...

SOOOO CUTE! I love the snowflake theme!!!

Lauren's birthday is enough after Christmas that we haven't had much trouble keeping it seperated. LUCKILY! I still worry about it sometimes though.

My step sister's birthday is ON Christmas. I usually try to make sure to get her a Birthday card and her birthday gift is always wrapped in birthday paper. One year my step mom threw her a half-birthday party in the summer.

Anonymous said...

How did you make the snowflake cake? Did you have a mold?

Sara said...

I didn't have a mold for the cake. I saw a couple cake pans, but they were huge and I wanted it to be her own little individual cake. I baked a cake in a regular 9x13 pan first. Then I traced my snowflake cookie cutter on a piece of paper and blew it up a little bit. I cut out the paper snowflake template and traced it on top of the cake with a knife, then took the paper off and cut it all the way out. Then I frosted it in white and made a little snowflake design on top in the leftover pink frosting from the cupcakes!

Jamie said...

What an adorable 1st birthday! Your daughter is just adorable! I loved her birthday sash!
Bravo Mom : )