Monday, February 6, 2012

Audrey - 13 months


You have been 13 months old for a week and 2 days already. I don't know what has taken Mommy so long to write your letter this month. Maybe I'm trying to keep you from growing up so darn fast!

You added a few new words to your vocabulary this month. Auntie taught you how to say "happy" so that you could wish Mommy a Happy Birthday! It's now one of your favorite words! Sticking with "h" words, you also say "hot" now, but it doesn't stop you from trying to eat or touch something hot. You can say "apple" now too and correctly point to an apple or picture of an apple without any help!

You continue to LOVE books and reading. You grab a couple books off the book shelf and plop your tooshie down on Mommy's lap for story time. Mommy loves this new habit and enjoys the cuddles while we're reading. You have a "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" book that you love Mommy to sing to you. You even grab the book yourself and try to sing it. You point to your head and say head, but the rest of the song is just the cutest sing-song voice.

You have always loved animals, but you have a new-found love of elephants this month! Your grandpa taught you how to make an elephant trunk with your arm and you love to do this now. It looks more like your "trunk" is coming out of your ear rather than your nose, but that just makes it cuter. You are such a silly little girl! Every night, Mommy let's you pick your jammies out of the dresser and you ALWAYS pick a pair with elephants on them if there are any clean.

The big event of the month was your first black eye. I say first because you are Mommy's little spit-fire and I'm sure there are many more to come! Around 4am one morning, you were crying and you got very mad because Mommy told you to go back to sleep and wouldn't take you out of your crib. You got so mad that you hoisted yourself up and right out of your crib! I think Mommy and Daddy were more upset than you were, but you gave yourself a shiner that lasted a good 2 weeks. You've been sleeping with Mommy and Daddy a lot more since then, and needless to say, sleeping continues to be our only struggle with you.

Despite that, you continue to surprise and amaze us with how cute, smart, loving and adventurous you are! We've had very little snow this winter, but we had one good storm this month and took you out to play in it. You did much better than you did after the fluke storm in October. You loved having Mommy and Daddy pull you around in the sled!

On the day you turned 13 months, we went to a pool party for your cousins' birthdays. We weren't surprised that you loved the pool! You are definitely a water baby! Tubby time is probably your favorite time of the day, so you were so happy and amazed when we took you in the "huge tubby!"

You give the BEST hugs and kisses, and even blow kisses now. Mommy loves your sweet love and cuddles. It melts my heart and makes me so very happy. I can't imagine my life without you, my sweet girl! You are my world!

Love Always!


Sonya said...

oh my goodness she is so big! I am so surprised she tried to climb out of her crib. Lauren never really did that and Colton tries but he can't get his leg up that high! :) poor little thing. Colton seems to have a constant bruise on his forehead. He is always falling or bumping into something or smacking himself with a toy...not sure what that is all about!

Jamie said...

She is Adorable! I love her grin in the "Huge Tubby" picture! I wish my little girl Eva Mae loved water that much! I can't believe she tried to get out of her crib too! Same as above Eva Mae hasn't quite figured out how to reach her leg up! I love that you have this blog by the way! Audry is going to LOVE this when she one day will be able to read it herself : )