Tuesday, May 7, 2013

French braids

I put Audrey's hair in two French braids for the first time this morning. When I showed them to her in the mirror, she smiled and said, "I look like Doc McStuffins!" She ran to show my husband and said, "Daddy! Daddy! I look like Doc McStuffins!" Then I hear him whisper to her, "No, you look like your Mommy when I fell in love with her."

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Sonya said...

so much cuteness and sweetness in this post!

First of all I cannot tell you how much I love to french braid Lauren's hair. Seriously it is theraputic for me or something. Weird, yes I know. But the french tail pigtails are my absolute favorite and Audrey looks so stinking cute.
Second Doc McStuffins is a favorite around this house! I even like to watch her. :)
Thirdly...your husband...AWE! LOVE that he said that about you.