Friday, September 6, 2013

Four Seasons Handprint Craft

Audrey loves craft time, especially painting, so we do all kinds of projects in our house. And a lot of the time I spend on Pinterest is spent looking for new craft ideas, so I always have something new and interesting for her when she says, "Mommy, let's do a project!"

I pinned this awhile ago just because I love the change of seasons and thought it was beautiful, not because I had any intention of making it into a project for Audrey.

Then I saw this on Pinterest and it was like a choir of angels singing in my head!

An idea was born! So we got out the paint and got to work!
Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall!
A little brown paint on her hand and forearm and the tree was formed. When that was dry, she used her pinkie finger to make the Spring leaves, and her thumb to make the Summer and Fall leaves.

With some $3 frames from Walmart, they are now hung above the couch in the playroom and are officially my favorite project we've ever done!

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