Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Up, Up and Away!

Last week we went to a hot air balloon festival. I have been wanting to go for the last few years, but it is a 2 hour drive, and between timing and weather cancellations, we never made it. This year, we had a gorgeous day! It was a little windy, so not all the balloons went up and the ones that did went up about an hour later than expected, but it was still a really fun experience.

They had a craft fair going on and food vendors, and then you just set up chairs or a blanket in the open field, and watched all the balloons go up around you. Audrey had really been looking forward to this. She was a little cranky while we were there, and it ended up turning into a very late night, but I think she had fun.

The colors were so pretty and it was a different, more laid back kind of activity than we usually get ourselves into. Plus, they were right there in front of you, so you really got a good look at how they set up and what they look like. I'm glad we went and experienced it, but with the drive, and the nightmare it was to get out of there when it was done, I don't know that it is something we would do every year. A got a couple fun pictures, so I thought I'd share.