Tuesday, September 22, 2009

fun new toy & homemade jam

We had a a busy, family filled weekend here, and it was absolutely wonderful! My fantastic hubby turned 27 on Friday and my parents came to visit us. We just made dinner here Friday night and had a small cake from the bakery I work at (that was possibly the best thing I've ever tasted). Saturday, the hubby and I both had to work, so my parents did some shopping during the day. We got home from work and even though it wasn't my birthday, my parents bought me a present!

I've been planning to buy an external hard drive (to store all the photos that I'm not taking recently) for awhile now. My parents saw a good deal, so they picked one up for me! It was really nice of them and now I have a new toy to play with! :)

We also went out to a nice dinner and they treated us for hubby's birthday. We didn't get to spend much time with them because we both had to work, but it was nice to see them and we were really glad they came.

My parents left Sunday morning when we left for work. On Sunday afternoon, my father-in-law and his girlfriend came to visit us! My hubby and his dad went to play golf and his girlfriend and I went for a nice walk around town. We had planned to make them our fabulous grilled pizza for dinner, got all the ingredients ready, went out and started the grill, then when I went out to put the dough on the grill, the flames had gone out and I realized we were out of propane!

We ended up cooking it in the oven and it came out alright, but not as good as it would have been on the grill. They only stayed with us until Monday morning because they were headed to the cape for the week, but it was really nice to spend some time with them too!

They also brought us some of my hubby's mémére's homemade raspberry and blackberry jam. Every Christmas, we get a small jar of raspberry jam from his aunt, and we make it last as long as humanly possible because it's so amazingly good! Now we have 2 huge jars and we're in heaven!

As you can see, yesterday afternoon we already dove into the raspberry jam! Man, there's nothing like it! In fact, I think I'm going to go make myself some toast now...

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Sonya said...

I have a my book. I got the big one and have a TON of pictures on there and haven't even made a dent into my storage!!!