Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Hike/Photo Adventure

Today, I'm laid up on the couch. I think I tweaked my back at work on Saturday when it was so busy. I got home Saturday night after being stuck inside all day, and we went for a walk so I could enjoy what was left of such a nice day. Yesterday morning, I thought I was just sore from running around so much the day before, so my hubby and I went on a two and a half hour hike. It was a beautiful day and we had a lot of fun, but by the end I was hurting.

I spent the rest of the afternoon yesterday barely able to move and in a lot of pain. This morning I feel a little bit better, but I doubt I'll be moving very far from the couch today. So I figured since I'm laying here, I'd share some photos from our fun day yesterday! I took a lot of photos, so I may spread them out over a few days.

And we're off...


My love looking for fish.

I love the shadows in this photo.


Do you see the heart?

Random runner

♥ Our initials are not here, but they are
on a tree somewhere. ♥

This tree is growing through a rock!

Squirrel with no place to go.

A burl.

Does anyone know what this marker in a tree means?
I just liked it because my initials are SP. :)

Old sign. I wonder what it used to say...

Looking for fish again.

I love this man!

My hubby knocking to see if David the Gnome is home.

Okay, I think that's getting long enough for today! I'll post some more photos from our awesome day tomorrow!


little miss spy said...

oh boy. i love david the gnome :)

Angie said...

you got a ton of amazing pictures!

Sonya said...

My initials used to be SP before I got married. I actually still have to use those at work. :) Great shots as always!