Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Manual settings and kitchen utensils

I used to use the manual settings on my camera all the time. But lately, I've just been setting the aperture and letting the camera do that rest.

Well, yesterday I decided to experiment a little bit around the house and that meant photographing anything from throw pillows, to vases, to plants, and even kitchen utensils:

I really love the one of the whisk! I'm actually thinking about framing it for my kitchen.


Sonya said...

I think they are both great!! I am not good with the manual settings. I try and try but I just don't have enough time to practice when I am not afraid to mess up the shot. :(

GodseySix said...

They are both great! Ha! Never thought I'd say that about a photo of a spoon and a whisk. ;) Your pics are always great, though!!