Monday, July 12, 2010

Graduation Festivities!

I've been busy on my days off lately, traveling around all over the place, and next week is no exception. But this week? My 2 days off are going to consist of a lot of just sitting around and relaxing. So today, you'll get to finally see some pictures from my sister-in law's college graduation. I can't believe my she graduated in May and I'm just posting pictures now, but we had a really great time up in Vermont visiting her and we couldn't be more proud!

Her name on the list of almost 3,000 graduates!

Receiving her diploma!!

The UVM mascot

Me and my hubby with the graduate!

Her and her awesome boyfriend.

The fam minus 1 brother.

Stairs down to the beach at the lake.

Popping some champagne for a celebratory picnic at the park!

Downtown Burlington

Me and my hunny

That's it for today! More photos of my adventures soon hopefully! But no promises ;)

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Katrina said...

We were just there for the 4th of July! I love Church Street. It's so beautiful there.