Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cloth diaper update

I've been meaning to do a cloth diaper update for a while now, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Today, I stop procrastinating and get it written down! Audrey is already using the potty 3-4 times a day, and I want to get it recorded before she's potty trained!

In my original cloth diapering post, I broke down what we have for products and what our routines are. As with most parts of parenthood, we're learning as we go and a few things have changed for us.

We are still using Flips during the day, but we found that Audrey was leaking at night because she just pees so much! We tried using 2 liners and even stripped them, and she was still leaking. So we invested in 3 BumGenius Freetime All-In-Ones. We only use them at night, but they are a little bit more absorbent so they've solved our leaking issue. We have also added 3 more Flip covers and 2 more inserts to our supply just to have a few extra.

My dirty diaper bag is still in great condition and we've had no leaks at all.

My wash routine is probably the biggest thing that has changed. I have tried many different things, but we're using a front loading, high efficiency washer now, so we had to change things up a little. I found that because the washer is saving water and the diapers aren't sitting in a drum of water and soaking, that they just weren't getting clean. They were starting to smell and it was just gross. So I did some internet research to see what other cloth diapering mamas were doing with a high efficiency washer. I played around with the cycles myself, and eventually I came up with this:

  1. Rinse cycle only in cold water with extra high spin cycle. (This does exactly what it sounds like, rinses out all the pee and poop soaked into the diapers.)
  2. Handwash cycle in cold water with NO SPIN CYCLE. (This adds water to the diapers before they are washed. I've found it really helps since they are not sitting in a drum of water to soak.)
  3. Sanitize cycle using Dreft laundry soap with extra high spin cycle. (This is obviously the cycle that gets them clean. I like the sanitize feature, but hot water would probably work just as well.)
  4. Quick wash cycle with warm water and extra high rinse cycle. (I was just using an extra rinse cycle, but I found that because the washer uses less water, the soap was building up in the diapers. A quick wash cycle is the same length as a rinse cycle, but it gives you the option to use warm water, which I've found washes out more of the soap.)

Despite how long it takes to wash a load of diapers from start to finish, I'm happy with this routine. I really hater the front loading washer though. The drier I love!!

That's it I think. Everything else has pretty much stayed the same. I've been really happy with our choice to cloth diaper and I've recommended it to many friends. Although, I must say, I am looking forward to Audrey being potty trained!

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