Friday, November 9, 2012

I am not perfect.

I am not perfect.
I am not super mom.

I consider myself a pretty patient person.
I still lose my patience.
I sometimes yell at my daughter.

I try to feed my family healthy, wholesome foods.
My daughter stills know what a doughnut and a potato chip taste like.

I have good intentions to do projects and read and teach my daughter every day.
Some days we watch cartoons all day.

I know there is a plan for my life and that I shouldn't compare my life to others.
I still have moments where I feel jealous despite how happy I may want to be for them.

I thank God every day for the many blessings in my life.
I still feel like I got the shit end of the stick sometimes.

I sometimes let the "what-if"s overwhelm me.

I make homemade gifts for people, not because I am talented,
crafty, or really thoughtful, but because I can't afford not to.

On facebook, and sometimes on my blog, it looks like I'm 
Miss Suzy Sunshine and I have a perfect life.
I choose to put on a smile and not share all my dirty laundry.
That doesn't mean I don't have any.

I am not perfect.
I am not super mom.

But my faith allows me to grow and move forward every day.
If I pray and ask Him to take the jealous feelings from my mind and heart,
I wake up feeling better.

My faith allows me to put on a smile and move on.
I believe that faith is the difference, the reason I don't let myself wallow, 
or let the negatives consume me.

I am not perfect.
And that is okay.
My God loves me anyway.
My family loves me anyway.
My friends love me anyway.

It may look like it.
I may try to be.
But I am not perfect.


Sonya said...

no one is perfect! Believe me I am not either. If you would have been a fly on the wall at my house last night you would see that I also yell at my children sometimes. I think it is awesome that you can sew and make things for people. that is one skill I had no desire to learn growing up and I am kicking myself now! Those super hero capes sure are fantastic!

Neni Hartati said...

what u say in this poem really like what i feel,young mom,almost 30,with three boys and working as a teacher, feel so heavy sometimes and feel so lucky at another time ............

GodseySix said...

I am so glad you wrote this. This is the first time in a long time I have been blog hopping and as I scrolled through all of your Christmas pictures and vacation pictures, I found myself thinking "how unfair for my kids that parents of "only children" can shower their children with so many gifts and mine only receive 3 gifts a piece. Only 3, until next Christmas. My children didnt ask to be born into a large family, I feel like I cheated them." Here I am envious of you and you kinda slapped me back into reality with this post. Everyone has their times of struggling. I wouldn't trade my circumstances for anyone else in the world's. But sometimes it's just downright tough. I had to go out of town for surgery 2 weeks ago, so instead of going for the surgery and coming right back, we took the kids and stayed a couple of nights and called it a vacation. That ain't no vacation! ;) But it's all in the moments. My kids may have their fondest memories of "that one time when mommy had surgery so we just made it a vacation". Who knows? You are a great mother! Hang in there. Read Exodus 14:14 when you start to feel overwhelmed. It really opened my eyes to how easy we have it!

Many HUGS from Memphis,