Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How I know my kid is really sick:

*Alternate, longer title* How I know my kid, who never naps or falls asleep by herself, is really sick:

Audrey has a fever and a nasty cough, but she seems okay otherwise. I leave her on the couch watching cartoons while I go upstairs to take a quick shower. While I'm in the shower, she comes upstairs and tells me, "The couch isn't comfy enough. I'm going to cuddle in my comfy bed." I quickly finish and go to check on her, maybe 60 seconds later. The door to her room is closed. I open the door and she is fast asleep in her bed at 12:15 in the afternoon. She does not nap anymore. And when she goes to sleep at night, someone has to cuddle with her. Yet here she is asleep, and she put herself down for a nap. This fever is kicking my poor little bear's bum!

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