Thursday, January 21, 2010


lots and lots of tears.





we usually weather the winter when my hubby's laid off pretty easily. but we both took large pay cuts going to new jobs last year. which means his unemployment is less and there's not that extra income from me to cover it. living paycheck to effin paycheck is no fun.

so yeah...tears are falling.

we're broke.

i'm frustrated watching all our savings disappear before my eyes.

i'm pissed that my hubby doesn't seem to care because he doesn't see all the bills.

i'm overwhelmed trying to figure out how to pay everything without depleting our savings.

more tears.


Booklover1212 said...

Big hugs Sara!

I definitely feel your pain. Keeping you in my prayers....

~ Jennifer

Sonya said...

Oh honey! Money is always such a hard thing to talk about with your spouse. Maybe you two need to sit down and have a budget talk so that he knows what is going on and how that it is making you feel. If anything maybe it will help you to stress less. You NEED to stress less. :)