Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Audrey - 15 months


Mommy is later than usual with your letter this month, but I have good reason this time! We went on vacation! We all had fun, but you had a blast! You LOVED swimming in the pool and we took you to the beach for the first time! Mommy and Daddy both love the beach and the ocean, so we weren't surprised that you frolicked in the 62 degree water and had so much fun playing in the sand!

You are no longer Mama's baby. You are her little girl now. Your baby features are fading away and you're a cute little toddler! Your hair is finally starting to get longer, and you have the cutest little curls in the back! Mama and Dada have curly hair too, so this was no surprise.

You are so independent and have no fear! You love animals, you will climb anything that can be climbed, and you want to do things your way and by yourself. Mama coined the phrase, "own self!" when she was a little girl, so it seems you get more than just your looks from me.

You've also started to be a little fresh. You do things you know you're not supposed to do just to see what Mama will do. We have started using "time-out" and it breaks Mama's heart to see that little lip stick out and the tears form in your eyes, but when your minute is up and Mama tells you she loves you, you give me the biggest, sweetest hug. I know this is just a phase and you are just learning your limits, but you keep your Mama on her toes my dear!

We have had lots of beautiful, unseasonably warm days this month and we have definitely taken advantage of them! You love being outside, running around and playing with your ball! You love it so much that you sometimes cry when it's time to come inside.

You are really starting to master stairs, both up and down. You hold on to the railing and climb with your feet instead of crawling up. Your favorite toy this month is probably your car. We've spent a lot of time in the car this month, so you must like it and want to be in the car inside too. You will sit in the car and sit perfectly quiet like you're trying to hide from us, or you'll sit in it and watch cartoons like you're at the drive-in!

Speaking of hiding, you love to hide! We'll call out your name and you'll stand wherever you are perfectly quiet and serious until we find you, then you break out in smiles and giggles. You've scared Mama a few times, but I think I've figured out your favorite places now.

You continue to challenge Mama in this world of motherhood. But I am learning and growing right along with you every day. I am looking forward to the nice weather and all the fun we'll have outside exploring this spring! You inspire me my sweet girl. You make me look at the world with a new perspective. Your adventurous spirit is infectious and your love fills my heart!

I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much sweetie!
Love always,

**Update 4/6** You finally had your 15 month appointment yesterday. You weighed in at 25 pounds, 12 ounces (93rd percentile) and you were 32.5 inches tall (95th percentile)! You had to have 2 shots and you didn't even cry! You were such a good girl! Unfortunately, around midnight last night you were burning up with a fever of 103.2 degrees. You've never had a fever from your shots before and Mama was up all night cuddling you and making sure you were okay. We gave you some children's ibuprofen and it has brought your fever down to 101.4 at least, so I hope you feeling better soon.


Sonya said...

Look how big she is!!!!!

Jamie said...

I love reading your blog! Your daughter is just so adorable! You are an amazing Mommy!!