Saturday, April 28, 2012

Audrey - 16 months


The high fever that we thought was from your shots at the end of last month turned out to be roseola. So that's how we started off this month. High fever, rash, fatigue and fussiness made you a very cuddly girl! But the rest of this month has been a lot of fun!

We've spent a lot of time outside, enjoying the sunshine and exploring nature. You run around the yard picking up leaves, pine cones, dandelions, rocks and just about anything else you can get your hands on, and put them all in your bucket. Then you're so excited to show all your treasures off to anyone you can.

You're also perfectly happy to help with yard work, kick around a ball in the grass, play on the playground, color with sidewalk chalk, or take a trip to a farm with a little petting zoo - as along as it means you can be outside!

Mama always tells you, "I love you thiiiiiis much!" while holding her arms out as far as they can reach. You have started to imitate it and if anyone asks you how much you love someone or something, you hold your arms out wide and say, "Much!" I melt inside every time. You're also trying to repeat more and more of the words and sounds you hear. They don't always come out intelligible, but you're trying and do very well with some words! You love to sing and dance, and you especially like to sing the "ott dawg" (hot dog) song on Mickey Mouse.

You are so expressive and making all kinds of faces now. My favorite is the "stink eye." If you're not happy with someone, you let them know! You tilt your head down and look up at them with just your eyes and the most serious expressions. It's so completely adorable. But you also have pretty cute shy/flirt face too. It's similar to the "stink eye," but instead of being serious, you smile the sweetest little smile. You don't tilt your head down quite so harshly and you bat your eyelashes. You already know how to get exactly what you want my sweet little girly girl!

Your top two canine teeth have just started to pop through and are really bothering you. This hasn't helped the biting stage we've been dealing with either. But you are way ahead of the game starting to think about potty training. You are so interested when Mama goes to the bathroom. You even say "pee pee" when you are going in your diaper. So we let you pick out a toilet seat and step stool of your own. You picked princess, of course! We aren't forcing anything or even taking it very seriously. We just sit you on it at least once a day, sometimes with your diaper still on and sometimes without. You did actually pee while on the toilet once, but I think it was just a coincidence. It's a start and you're so proud of yourself! I think you'll be potty trained by 2!

You are such a little girly girl already! You love jewelry and have to put your bracelets on as soon as you get up in the morning. You're also a sweet little mommy to your baby doll. You rock her and put her down for naps, and push her all around the house in her stroller. But on the other hand, you love rocks, riding your cousin's dino or on the kubota with Pa, too. So I guess you're not too girly!

Girly or not, you continue to be my world! Daddy is back into the swing of the season, working at least 50 hours a week, so you and I have lots of time together. You help me so much to just be present and enjoy right now, without thinking too far ahead of myself. I was never really able to do that before you were born, and for that, I am extremely grateful to you. You are sweet as pie and a little spit-fire who keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't trade you or the experience of being your mama for anything in the world!

I love you to the moon and back, sweetheart!

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Sonya said...

I know I say this every time you post pictures of her but LOOK HOW big she is!

Lauren has that same baby doll and stroller although Colton likes to push it around now more than she does. :) I love that you are already starting to work on the potty. We are too with Colton. I am hoping by the end of the summer he will have the hang of it.

the facial expressions crack me up. I am so glad captured the "stink eye"