Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life Lessons for my Daughter

I'm starting a new blog series today called Life Lessons for my Daughter: Tips, advice and little things I've picked up along the way. There is so much I want to teach my daughter. I try to do so by example, but I have also been wanting to make something more lasting for some time now.

So that's where this new blog series comes in! I won't post on a specific day, or a specific number of times a month. I'll post them when I have time or when they come to me. But my hope is to eventually put them all in a book to give to Audrey on her 18th birthday. I hope I have taught her them all through example by that time, but I also hope that it will serve as a reminder, make her life a little easier, and help her be a compassionate, loving, independent, productive member of society.

So here we go, Audrey! Let's get right into it with lesson number one!

1. Always write Thank You cards!

Yes, when you receive gifts you should write Thank You cards, but that's not all I mean. When someone does something really nice for you or goes out of their way for you, write a Thank You card. When you appreciate someone in your life (a teacher, a friend etc.), write a Thank You card. When you have a job interview, write a Thank You card. 

You don't have to write a lot, but write something personal and meaningful. Show your gratitude. They may seem tedious to write, especially if you have a bunch to do all at once. You may think they'll just get thrown away. But people appreciate gratitude. It makes them feel good. It reminds them that their efforts are appreciated and worthwhile. It also shows your character.

Mama was once offered a job because she wrote a Thank You note. She wasn't completely qualified for the position and there were other, more experienced applicants. But the owners appreciated her expression of gratitude for them taking the time to meet with her and give her the opportunity to show that she could and would learn quickly, and that she had a lot to bring to their company.

Always write Thank You cards, sweetheart! Always, always! It will not only benefit others, but it will benefit you as well.


April May said...

great start to the lessons!

Sonya said...

I LOVE THIS!! specifically the thank you topic but the whole concept is a great idea. :) I don't think people say thank you enough.