Sunday, April 15, 2012

L L F M D: Take care of your body!

2. Take care of your body. You only get one!

You won't get a second chance, so really try to take care of yourself. Fuel your body with whole, natural, nutritious foods. Wash your make-up off at night. Moisturize your skin and wear sunscreen. Get some kind of exercise and enjoy yourself while doing it. Don't smoke. Make these things a habit so you don't have to think about them!

If you take care of yourself, you will feel better. You will have more energy. You will have more to give to the people you love.

Please also take notice that I said nothing here about being a certain weight or dieting. Everything in moderation, sweetheart. Take care of yourself. Be good to your body - it is the only one you'll get.

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Sonya said...

ah yes! Another good advice topic!! I love where you say make it a habit so you don't have to think about it. I hope this is something I can pass down to my kids as well. No one really taught me much of this growing up. I hated exercising and being outside and that is something that has been a struggle for me as an adult.