Friday, September 28, 2012

Audrey - 21 months


You've been a busy little bee this month and we've taken lots and lots of photos! Your favorite phrase this month has to be, "Look, Mama! Look!" I have to admit, though it can be tiring chasing after you as you explore everything, I like this phrase much better than last month's, "No, Mama! Stop!"

When you want to get someone's attention who is doing something other than watch your every waking moment, you say, "Hoo hoo!" This is your version of "yoo-hoo" and it is so incredibly cute!

You have a thing for fingernails and toenails this month. You love to pretend to clip them and paint them. When you clip them, you even make this little noise with your tongue like the clippers do. It is hilarious!

 You've been working on your jumping a lot and you can actually get yourself off the ground now! Before it was just a cute like bend of the knees and a bounce. But with some practice and a rope on the floor to jump over, your feet leave the floor! You are so proud of yourself when you do it, and it makes Mama proud, too.

We've been working a lot on the alphabet, numbers, colors and shapes. You can correctly identify a circle, square, triangle and star, but you still have a little trouble with rectangles. You also know purple, blue, green, red, orange, pink, white, yellow and brown, but get stuck on black and usually call it brown. You know the numbers 1-12 and can say them consecutively with a little bit of help. Left to your own devices, you will usually go from 1-3, then straight to 8-12. I think you skip over the 4-5 section because "f"s are still difficult for you to pronounce.

Fall is here and we have been going on tons and tons of seasonal adventures! We have collected leaves, done leaf rubbings, gone to the fair, picked apples, taken a trip to the pumpkin patch and gone to the pumpkin festival!

At the fair we rode an elephant, and at the pumpkin festival you rode a pony! You still love animals, and were beyond excited for both rides! You also fell in love with Mama's cousin's new puppy this month. I love seeing that huge smile and the joy on your face when you are near animals.

Mama has been really good at getting her camera out this month, and we've gotten some really beautiful photos of you that I will always treasure.

You continue to be adventurous, unafraid, and sweet as can be.

I look back on the photos of you from when you were a baby, and I can't believe how quickly you've grown. But as you grow, my love and gratitude for you does, too. You are so special, baby girl! And Mama loves you so so so much!

Love Always,

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