Thursday, September 27, 2012

My hubby's 30th

My hubby turned 30 this month. He had to work and didn't want a party or anything special, but I still wanted to make him a cake and something a little silly.

He works in the golf industry, so I decided to make him a golf cake!
I used a star tip to make the grass, although it would have looked a lot better if I was more patient and put the frosting back in the refrigerator when it started to get soft. The putting green is just green decorating sugar  on top of a smooth layer of frosting and the sand trap is ground up rice krispies. The golf ball is a plastic ball that goes to Audrey's play golf set, sitting in a hole that I cut out of the cake. And the flag is a lollipop stick with construction paper and the number 30 written on it. I didn't bother to even take it out of the glass baking dish, but he still loved it!

The silly gift I made him is all over Pinterest. I can't take credit for the idea, but I did try to make it my own a little bit.
And my hubby loves lollipops, so it was perfect for him!

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Sonya said...

haha!! I love that 30 sucks thing. i have that pinned! The cake looks amazing. Great job!