Monday, September 10, 2012

New blog design and Tutu photos

Audrey is growing up right before my eyes, and I really cannot believe how quickly! The other day, I was looking at my blog and decided it was time for an update. I love the picture of Audrey that was in my blog header, but she is not that chubby cheeked little cherub just learning to walk anymore.

A new layout here on the blog meant that I needed to take some cute new photos, of course! Not that I really need a reason. I really want to do a tutu photo shoot every year, and it had been a year since the last time, so a tutu and pearls it was!

And look how much she has grown!

Anyway, the tutu photos came out incredibly cute! And I decided to get in on the chevron craze, too, so come check out the new design and header if you read from a reader! And I'll post some more of the tutu photos soon!

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