Monday, December 10, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Week 1

Audrey is at such a fun age, and we knew she'd be excited when Santa sent us our very own elf this year!

Our family elf showed up on December 1st and we've been having a lot of fun with him!

When he came, there was a letter from him and a book from Santa telling Audrey all about her new elf.

Audrey let Mommy read the book to her, but then she had to read it herself a couple of times!

After reading the letter and story, we had to choose a name for him. Audrey chose Chip because his letter said he loved to eat chocolate chips, and because, "I lub chockate chips all time too, Mama!" "

Day 2 - Chip saw how much fun we had making snow angels the day before, so he decided to make one out of sugar on the kitchen counter!

Day 3 - Chip's just hanging around, keeping an eye on Audrey from the light fixture!

Day 4 - Chip was ready to go outside and play wearing Audrey's mittens, sock and boots!

 Day 5 - Chip loves to read, just like Audrey!

Day 6 - We found Chip relaxing in a jacuzzi of marshmallows!

Day 7 - Chip got into the good stuff! Sipping on some REAL maple syrup through a straw!

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Sonya said...

that is so cute how she named him.