Friday, December 14, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Week 2

Chip continues to be a big hit in our house! Audrey loves finding him in the morning! 

Day 8 - Chip hiding in a plant. He must have been too tired to be creative when he got back from the North Pole that night.

Day 9 - Chip thought we needed some snow, so he made a snowflake out of Q-tips on the table for Audrey! 

Day 10 - Chip colored a Christmas tree picture for Audrey to draw her own ornaments on! He might also be hinting that it's time to finally get our tree up!

Day 11 - Chip is is sitting on the church, admiring the Christmas village we put up yesterday!

Day 12 - We found Chip playing solitaire this morning.

He fits right in with this family! We love to play cards!

Day 13 - Chip wrote "Chip ♥ Audrey" in chocolate chips! Audrey, of course, ate a few with breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Day 14 - We found Chip sitting in the Christmas tree, admiring all the pretty lights and ornaments we put on it yesterday. We think he particularly liked the ornament Audrey made last year.

That's it for this week! I'm sure Chip has lots of shenanigans planned, so make sure you come back next week to check them out!

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