Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Elf on the Shelf - Week 3 +

Chip has gone back to the North Pole until next year now, but I just wanted to share the fun we had the last week and a half he was here.

Day 15 - Chip made a fishing pole out of a candy cane, some twine and a paper clip, and went fishing for gold fish crackers! 

Day 16 - Chip hid in the apothecary jar snow globe! 

Day 17 - Chip is sitting on the stairs, reading The Christmas Carrots with the bunnies.

Day 18 - Chip's sitting in a basket of pine cones. It looks like he likes the sparkly one!

Day 19 - We found Chip in the nativity...

...holding baby Jesus!

Day 20 - Chip was riding a reindeer today!

Day 21 - Chip was sitting up on Mommy and Daddy's wedding picture! He had a really good view from way up there!

Day 22 - Chip is so excited for Audrey's tea party birthday party today that he had a tea party of his own with Dolly!

Day 23 - Christmas day is getting close! We found Chip hanging out in Audrey's stocking!

Day 24 - Chip's last day! We found him on the couch with a goodbye letter and a present for Audrey and Blake. He brought them matching reindeer pajamas to wear tonight! The letter said:


Today’s my last day,
I must say goodbye.
Tonight I must go,
to the North Pole I’ll fly.

But Santa will be here
with gifts and good cheer,
and I will be back
the same time next year.

So be a good girl
and take care of yourself,
and remember the fun times
with Chip your Scout Elf!

I will miss you so much! Merry Christmas!
Love, Chip

P.S. I left a present for you and your cousin Blake to wear tonight!

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