Monday, January 7, 2013


I haven't made any specific resolutions this year. However, I came across this quote recently and it really seems to fit where I am at this particular moment in my life and where I see myself heading in 2013.
"And somewhere along the way she hung up the metaphorical cape. She stepped out from behind the superhero disguise and gave up trying to save everybody else. Instead, she focused on herself - attempting to save the girl that does all the saving." ~Unknown (I searched and searched for the source of this quote and was unsuccessful. If you know who said it or where it is from, please share!)
I will always be a nurturer. It is part of who I am. But I have given so much of myself in recent years, that I find myself at a point where I'm not myself anymore, not fully. I'm great at preaching that "in order to take care of the people you love, you have to take care of yourself." I'm not so great at taking my own advice.

Also, I love my daughter. I know how blessed I am to have the opportunity to be at home with her. I cherish this time. But I'm going to take time, at least once a week, to do something without her. I think by doing this, I will be more attentive and focused on her when we are together.

So this year is going to be more about me. Not a lot more, and not in a selfish, cocky way. But enough. Enough to feel whole again. Enough to be able to give of myself to the people I love and still not lose myself. I will value myself, and my feelings, and my general well being more.

Wishing all of you health and happiness in 2013!

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