Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Products

I have a fun, action packed weekend ahead of me and I'm really excited!! Tomorrow night after work, I'm picking my best friend up from the train station and we're going to spend the night chatting and catching up. She's staying overnight, and Sunday morning we're going on a walk/photo adventure together! We both love photography so it should be lots of fun, not to mention I may even have some belly pictures that I didn't take of myself!

Sunday night, my mom is coming and we are going to spend the day Monday creating my baby registries! :) And this is where you come in! I'm obviously a first time mom, and my mom hasn't been a first time mom in 27 years. So...

What baby products could you absolutely not live without?

What do you consider a waste of money and space?

I have a list of basic needs, but please share your mommy wisdom with me!

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Sonya said...

hmmmmmm! Where do I start? :) We bought a pack n play but really only used it for the bassinett feature. After that it just held toys until I got tired of looking at it. We are using it the second time around for Colton but only for the bassinett part. Ours has a changing table part too and that is nice for middle of the night changings since he is sleeping in that right now.

I bought a changing table that will convert to a dresser later on. {we did that for both the kids} I always use the changing table because it is easier for me to reach the baby. I don't like doing it on the floor or anywhere so that was a must for me.

We got a ton of receiving blankets and sheets for Lauren and I haven't used all of them still. I would also try and find overside receiving blankets. the standard ones don't swaddle that good. You can buy those special blankets for swaddling but Lauren hated hers so I didn't use it that much. {actually that is pink and I still have it, I should mail it to you!}

A boppy pillow is good for breastfeeding.

Some of the stuff you don't want to buy too much of in advance just in case it doesn't work for you. I tried to use the same bottles for Colton as I did for Lauren to save some money and they made him spit up and gassy. I got pacifiers for my shower that he refuses to take so I had to buy different ones.

A swing is good. Colton loves it. Lauren however didn't like it until she got older.

I could go on and on but I better not hijack your comments!!!