Monday, September 13, 2010


My husband and I started dating during football season. Don't believe me? I'm a Yankees fan and he's a Red Sox fan. Yes, you read that correctly. Baseball season is interesting in our household. But we live just outside of Boston, so I'm a bit lonely here in Red Sox Nation!

Anyway, last Tuesday, my hubby and I went to a Red Sox game. He got free tickets from someone at work, and despite my team loyalties, I love Boston (the city) and going to live baseball games, so we made it a date!

As it turns out, Ali from the Bachelorette was throwing out the first pitch at that game. Ali grew up in the town right next to where I did, and my husband grew up with her, so he knows her and her family. So it was exciting to see a little of our small-town roots in the big city!

I, of course, brought my camera, and had more fun taking photos than watching the game. (Though, I have to admit, I enjoyed the fact that the Red Sox lost!) But enough probably just want to see the photos...

Our baby girl's first baseball game!
(23 weeks)

Ali and Roberto

Warming up.

I don't think he'd be smiling and waving at me
if he knew I was a Yankees fan! ;)

Just before Ali threw out the first pitch!


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Sonya said...

beautiful!! Great shots.

And the baby bump is simply adorable.