Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lots of running around

So I've been busy since I've been home. Monday, we crossed everything off our to-do list for the day before noon! It was a really productive day. Yesterday, we made a few more lists and ran a bunch of errands. Today, my sister and I had our last dress fittings. Then, we dropped most of the decorations off at the reception hall and made the final payment, went to the mall, had lunch with our parents, went tanning and grocery shopping!

My hubby spent the day with one of his brothers and his wife who is due to have a baby girl any time now. Apparently, she thought she was in labor last night and went to the hospital. They checked her cervix, told her she was 8cm dilated and that they were keeping her in the hospital. They checked her a little while later and then told her, "we're really sorry but you're only 3cm dilated so you have to go home." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This poor girl is so ready to have this baby and they make that big of a mistake?! UNBELIEVABLE! So apparently her contractions are getting closer together now and I'm hoping we'll have a little niece by tomorrow! :D

Tomorrow morning the hubby and I are driving to the airport to pick up my gram, uncle and aunt who are flying in from South Carolina for the wedding. We had a big snowstorm today but it's supposed to stop tonight so hopefully they don't have any problems with their flight.

The groom is on the 7 hour drive home as we speak. It's getting closer to the big day and we're all really excited! And surprisingly, the stress level in the house is still relatively low. Friday, my mom, sister and I are getting manicures, pedicures and massages in the morning before the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner so that should be nice and relaxing too.

We've been running around like crazy, so I know that was a jumbled, choppy summary, but it will have to do for now! Make sure to check back for lots of photos on Sunday!

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