Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cruise in review...

Ok, here we go! Sunday morning we were up early, flew to Florida and got on the ship!

We flew Southwest, and for my first time flying with them, I was actually quite impressed.

I mean, what other airline has heart coffee stirrers?!
My parents and grandparents shared a room, and my sister and her husband shared a room with me and my husband. But we had rooms right next to each other so we were able to open the door between our balconies and have one big balcony. Above you can see my sister and dad checking out the view before we left port.

Clearly my hubby was ready to get our vacation started!

Monday, we were at sea all day and this was the view from my chair in the sun!

Right next to my hubby who was obviously getting into the Caribbean spirit with his shirt!

My brother-in-law is probably the only person alive who reads books like Liberty and Tyranny on vacation!

Beautiful sunset at sea.

My parents at dinner.
And my grandparents...
...and my sister with her husband...

...and a blurry picture of us because I didn't take it! lol

Our pig towel animal when we got back to the room!

That's it for today. Tomorrow...our day on the beach at Labadee, Haiti.

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Sonya said...

looks like lots of fun so far!!