Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Last day at sea

The cruise ship we went on was absolutely huge! There was so much to do on the ship, but with all the island excursions, not much time to do them in. There was an ice skating rink, a rock climbing wall, mini golf, and a wave simulator that you could surf! We saved all of this fun stuff for our last day on the ship when we were at sea all day.

Unfortunately, we were just ahead of a hurricane and our last day was cloudy and extremely windy. So windy that they closed down all of these fun things we planned on doing and wouldn't even let people walk on the upper deck!

So, I grabbed one of these...

...and we had a canasta tournament all day!

All of us, with our waiters, our last night at dinner.

And a towel swan awaiting us.

Sunday morning we were back in Florida.

Snapped a few photos of this amazing ship before we left...

My 2 favorite men in the whole wide world!

The theater where we saw a few shows.

And then we watched the sun set from our plane, on our way back to reality.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos! Despite the fact that we didn't have much sun, it was a great week with family and we had a fantastic time!

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Sonya said...

looks like so much fun! No fun about being on the boat all day with bad weather. that happened to us when we went on a cruise several years ago.