Monday, November 16, 2009

Grand Cayman

After work yesterday, I was so comfy on the couch watching football that posting photos completely slipped my mind. But I'm back with it today and sharing photos from our catamaran sail and snorkel tour in Grand Cayman!

Our favorite place to be! <3

My little fishy!

He loves free diving.

My dad does too.

Me, if I'm going 20 or 30 feet down, I prefer a tank of oxygen strapped to my back!

We didn't have much sun in Grand Cayman, but we had fun snorkeling in the rain! And after, the boys practiced their golf grips while we ladies did a little shopping!

And of course, we had a towel monkey waiting for us in our room that night!

Tomorrow...Mexico in the POURING rain! Luckily, with an umbrella held over my camera, I still managed to get a few shots!

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Sonya said...

snorkeling is awesome!! We did that on our honeymoon and it was one of my favorite things that we did!