Saturday, November 14, 2009

Jamaica, mon!

I'm back with more cruise photos! Wednesday on our cruise, we spent the day in Jamaica!

We started at the Green Grotto Caves...

...where they made us wear these lovely things under our even lovelier hardhats!

There were bats, lots of bats! YUCK!

Tree roots grew all the way down into the caves.

Did I mention how HOTT we looked in the hardhats?!

I think my sister and I look better without them to be honest.

After the caves, we headed to Dunns River Falls and hiked up the waterfall.

With a few photo stops of course!

My mom and her dad.
Lots of people were climbing the falls that day.

My hubs and my gram close to the top.

If you put your head back in a certain spot it turned you into a fountain!

Mom & Dad rinsing the rocks out of their water shoes before we headed back to the ship... find this guy waiting for us!

Grand Cayman is up next! Stop back to check out the photos!


Sonya said...

we went to Jamaica on our honeymoon and climbed the waterfall too! It was amazing. ONe of the coolest things I have ever seen. And the beaches in Jamaica were beautiful!

Sonya said...

OH and I love the hairnets by the way! Great fashion statement!! HA!