Monday, May 28, 2012

Audrey - 17 months


It seems like you have grown leaps and bounds this month! Let's start with your vocabulary. About a week ago, it seemed to just explode. Not only are you repeating all kinds of new words, but you're using them correctly, and in context instead of just randomly. Purple (pulpul), blue (bluh), banana (nano), stuck (duck), and bug are just a few of the many that you've come out with recently. You've know Mama, Dada, Mimi, Pa, Titi and B for awhile now, but know you also use our names to get our attention. It is so amazing to me to listen to you and to have so much more communication!

You also seem like you're getting SO tall! I haven't actually measured you, but I think you'll be taller than me and I'm 5'7"! At this point, you're in some 18 month sized clothes, but we've already started moving to 24 months stuff.

Mimi and Pa built a huge new playset in their backyard, so we practically live outside. You love it! And if you're not playing on the playset or running around the yard, you want to be in your little pool or the hot tub (which we've turned the heat down on to make just like a heated pool.) Mama can't remember the last time she actually has a tan in May (probably never!), but I'm not complaining!

You love to help in the kitchen and are always stirring up some kind of imaginary cake or soup! But you get really excited when you get to help with the real stuff!

You're getting really good at eating with your fork and spoon now too! It tends to be messy business, but you are able to scoop and stab by yourself, and get it in your mouth.
You're using your right hand here, but 95% of the time you use your left hand!

Dancing and singing are among your favorite things this month. You make the hand motions to The Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Wheels on the Bus, and the firetruck song, just to name a few. You hum along and shake your little bumba. You also like to spin around in circles until you make yourself dizzy. And any time Mama's phone rings, or she gets a text message, you gasp in shock and exclaim, "Dada!"

When Dada comes home from work, you get so excited and go right over to the window to see him. You can't even wait until he gets inside!

You are one of the most strong-willed children I have ever met. And though it frustrates me sometimes, it makes optimistic about the kind of woman you will grow up to be. Because in addition to your stubborn streak,  you are compassionate, curious and helpful. It is that strong combination of characteristics that reassures me that you will do great things in this world, sweetheart.

I love your personality and I am so proud of the little person you are developing into. You are Mama's favorite, favorite, sweetpea!

I love you "much!"

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Sonya said...

absolutely adorable as always!! That apron cracks me up! where did you find one in her size?