Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making old things new again

Audrey has so many cute clothes. I mean, SO MANY! My cousin has a four year old daughter and she has basically given me everything she has outgrown. Some things even have the tags on still, and I can relate. They grow so fast! On top of that, my mom can't leave the house without coming home with something for her. Seriously, I've barely bought her anything myself. And I've packed things away that she only wore once or never at all.

I always let Audrey pick what she wants to wear from the closet each day. 99% of the time she picks a dress. I don't blame her! They are comfy, she has a ton of them, and she looks adorable in them! She has so many cute dresses from last summer, that I couldn't bring myself to pack away yet. So instead, she's been wearing them as tops with a pair of leggings! So cute! And she gets a little more wear out of her clothes.

 Here she is last July, the day of my sister's baby shower, in a cute little zebra print dress.

And this is her today, in the same exact dress, with a pair of brown leggings underneath. And it's just as adorable as a shirt as it was as a dress!

YAY for making old things new again! (And can we please not talk about how big she is getting?! How freakin' cute were her baby arm rolls?!)


Sonya said...

I do that a ton with Lauren's dresses. She loves wearing them so much and has to wear shorts or pants under them anyways so I don't take them out of her closet until the don't fit around her ribs anymore!

Kristen said...

Awwww! I can't believe how big she is getting :). Audrey is beautiful and I love to read your blog posts. It's so sweet how much you love her, but we never had any doubt you'd be the best Mom!! XOXO.