Friday, May 4, 2012

ear piercings and bikinis

People are starting to ask me when we're going to pierce Audrey's ears. While I know it is completely normal, and often common, in today's society to pierce a girl's ears while they are still only a baby, I'm not going to do it. I'm not against piercings - I have 2 in each ear and had my belly button pierced for a long time. But she is just a little girl. I am not going to make the decision to put holes in someone else's body for purely cosmetic reasons. If she wants her ears pierced, and she is old enough to ask me to have them pierced, then I will take her.

That's my main reason. But the other thing is, ears are her comfort object. When she is tired, she pulls on and holds on to her ears. She doesn't have a blankie or a stuffed animal, though we tried. This is her thing. When we are putting her down for a nap or to bed, she will pull on and hold our ears. It comforts her. So to pierce her ears, I feel like we'd end up with ripped out earrings and infections.

The other thing I will not do is put a bikini on my 16 month old. Summer is coming pretty quickly and there are so many cute bathing suits out for little girls. They're adorable, and it's hard to resist playing dress up, I know. But personally, I don't see any reason for babies and little girls to be showing off their bodies like that. There are plenty of one piece bathing suits that are just as cute! I know, Audrey has several! Our children are turned into sexual objects way too young as it is. I'm not going to do that to my sweet little girl who is already growing up way to fast. Not to mention the damaging effects of the sun! Their sensitive skin should be covered up!

When she's older, if she wants to wear a bikini, her age and the suit itself will dictate my answer, and I won't put up a fight if there is appropriate coverage and we're not talking g-strings. But while it is still my responsibility to pick out her clothes and dress her, she will remain the innocent little girl that she is.

Does this mean that I judge other parents who pierce their daughter's ears or put them in bikinis? No, not at all. That's their choice. It is their child. But this is my little girl. And this is what I think is best for her.

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Sonya said...

I agree with you about the piercings and the bikinis. Lauren is four and I still won't let her wear a two piece unless the top is the tank kind and not the revealing kind! We also did not pierce her ears and I won't be the one to make that decision. When she is old enough to take care of them and decide for herself that she wants it done THAT is when we will take her and get them done.