Sunday, October 28, 2012

Audrey - 22 months

My sweet Audrey,

You are 22 months old today and you continue to surprise me every day with how much you grow and change!

This month you discovered and have come to love pockets!

We still haven't been seriously potty training, but you will go if we put you on and you actually told Mama for the first time this month that you had to go before you went in your diaper.

We took the floor out of your Little Tykes car and you love to "drive" around by yourself now. You started driving it to the tubby at bath time, and now you have to drive yourself to the tubby every night and park outside the bathroom door.

You continue to love to be outside, and we've had lots and lots of fun in the leaves this month.

You are sweet and thoughtful and just full of life! You told Mama you love me for the first time this month, without me saying it first, and I'm still smiling from the inside out. In addition to your sweet side, you are also fiercely independent! You want to do everything yourself and if I try to help you, you will yell at Mama, "Audrey know how!" I try not to get frustrated with it because when Mama was a little girl, her phrase was "Own self!"

Titi and B went home to Maryland this month because Uncle Ry Ry finally came home from Afghanistan! It was bittersweet for sure because we were so happy he was home, but so sad that Titi and B left. You often used your teddy bear, dollies, and even a stick to replace B this month while eating or playing. It broke my heart to see you miss him this much, but I must admit, you got creative!

You met your new second cousin, "Baby Katie," for the first time and I saw in you what an amazing big sister and mother you will be some day. You were so sweet and loving while holding her, and didn't want anyone else to have a turn.

You are my heart and soul, and I fall more in love with you and being your Mama every single day.

I love you to the moon and back, sweetheart!

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Sonya said...

Colton does that with his car too! He drives it to the bathroom, to his room and all over the place. He has a special parking spot and all!

That is so sweet she misses her cousin. :( but sad they have gone home.