Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Looking for new blogs to read!

I just cleaned out my Google Reader lists and can't believe how many of the bloggers I used to follow have stopped blogging. I used to have time to comment on blogs and find new blogs to read. But then I had Audrey and I got in a routine of only commenting on blogs that I already read or blogs of people who commented on my blog. As I've tried to get back into blogging and commenting more, I've noticed that my reader list is mostly craft and photography blogs and not blogs about people's lives.

So I'm asking for help! Please share your favorite blogs to read. If you're reading my blog, but don't comment and think I might not be reading your blog in return, please let me know! I want to start forming those connections again. I want to be inspired by what you're writing, so that I begin to write more myself.

Ready, set, share!

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