Wednesday, October 17, 2012


At the end of February, my brother-in-law left for 4 weeks of training and then deployed to Afghanistan for 6 months. Having a six month old little boy, my sister decided to leave her job and come live at home while her husband was deployed. The situation was bittersweet. We obviously didn't want him to be deployed, but we were grateful for the time we were going to be able to have to spend with my sister and nephew.

And so we did just about everything together for 7 months. Audrey and Blake became the best of friends. Audrey and her Titi developed such a special bond! But we knew it was only for a short time.

As we started to anticipate my brother-in-law's return home, we decided to do a special photo shoot with my sister, Audrey and Blake, to remember this special time we had together. And we got some really beautiful photos.

My brother-in-law returned home on Saturday the 13th. A few days before that, we packed up all of their things and they moved back to Maryland. Again, it was bittersweet. We are so happy that their family is reunited and that he has returned home safely to us, but it was incredibly hard to say goodbye. Thankfully, we have these beautiful photos to remember the 7 months we had together.


Sonya said...

how adorably cute! you got some great shots and this will be a nice way to remember your time together. Hopefully they are close and you will still be able to see them often.

GodseySix said...

Girlfriend, you have some mad photography skillz! I've always thought your photos were fabulous and these are no different! Perfect, precious memories! :)

And boy do those cousins look just alike! (Or was that the matching outfits making me think that?)