Friday, October 5, 2012

books & nostalgia

Every year, our public library has a book sale fundraiser. You can get some amazing steals on every kind of book you can imagine, so we make sure we get there for it! Audrey and I love to read, and this year, we made out like bandits! We got 6 books for Audrey, 3 books for my nephew, Blake, and 6 books for me, all for just $9!!

And the best part: we found A Treasury of Santa Mouse by Michael Brown! Do you remember this book? My God, Santa Mouse was one of my favorites as a little girl! And there are two other Santa Mouse stories in this treasury that I had never even read before. I swear Audrey thought I was crazy when I found it because I was so excited!
I couldn't wait to get home and read it to Audrey! And when we opened it smelled like the library! Do you know the smell I'm talking about? You probably think I'm crazy just like Audrey did, but I just love that smell and it makes me feel all nostalgic! 

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GodseySix said...

Do you guys have a Books from Birth organization up there whare y'all are? Here in Memphis, we have Dolly Parton's Imagination Station Books from Birth where every single child in Tennessee receives 1 classic book in the mail every month from their birth month until their 5th birthday. We have tons of books that are unopened because we got many duplicates having 4 children so close together in age. I can send some to you if you want a few more books! :) We have boxes and boxes of them in our garage!