Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anyone still out there?

I really am trying to find a balance between work and everything else, but it doesn't seem to have worked itself out quite yet. I glance at my own blog and it makes me sad that it's been so long since I posted something real and significant. I can't say that I have anything significant to say tonight, but I'm going to post some random things anyway, and hopefully it's better than nothing!


I know you're all anxiously waiting for photos from the wedding I went to last weekend. They may not be ready until sometime next week though. Remember when my laptop crashed? Well, I lost my free version of Paint Shop Pro that isn't available anymore. Someone gave me Photoshop Elements 5, but you can barely do anything with it and I just don't like it. So I found PSP (which is usually like $100) on eBay for only $20 and ordered it! As soon as it gets here I will get my "rear in gear," start editing, and get photos up ASAP!


I got to see my niece while I was in my hometown too. She is 5 months old already and getting so big! I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with her. I also found out that my sister-in-law is 3 months pregnant again already! OOPS! It's certainly not going to be easy for them, but I have to admit that I'm excited to have another little niece or nephew.


My new job is going really well! Much better than I expected even. My bosses REALLY likes to talk though. When either of them gets talking, they'll go on and on and on, and it's impossible to get anything in. I really hate when people interrupt or talk over other people, and it bothers me that I find myself having to do that if I want to ask a question or speak at all. I also wonder how on Earth they ever have conversations with each other since they're husband and wife!


It continues to rain here and it's really starting to get depressing!! I think we had 3 sunny days in the whole month of June! And from the looks of it so far, July isn't going to be any different!


Today is my Dad's 50th birthday!! Happy Birthday, Dad!!! My sister and her husband drove 7 1/2 hours last night to surprise him with a visit for the weekend! He is so excited! I'm a little sad they couldn't come last weekend when we were home, but I'm glad that they're getting this time with family.

Well, I think that's all I've got for tonight! Like I said, I'm working on finding a balance and I am hoping to make time for more of my usual type posts. In the mean time, I have gotten back to reading all of your blogs! I may not comment as often as I used to, but I am reading! If I don't post again before the weekend, I hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend!!


Sonya said...

Glad to see you back! I was missing your posts and your tweets. :) Wow I can't believe your sister in law is pg again!! 2 under 1! YIKES! She will make it though. My neices are 10 months apart. They are like twins. Sometimes I forget the younger one isn't the same age as the other one. :)

I am glad that you are liking your job!
Can't wait to see pics of the wedding.

Have a good holiday.

Katrina said...

Glad to hear your job is going well! I know how it is having a chatty boss. My last boss was exactly the same and I would get so frustrated! I would pray she would take a breath so I could say something and once I started she would cut right in.

Excited to see your pictures and congratulations to your SIL :) said...

Happy 4th!

Sorry to hear of your software problems...could definitely have been costly!